How does Plasfy compare to the alternatives; what are the unique selling points?

Apart from all of the basics that you are most likely familiar with from other tools, Plasfy has a lot of amazing features that are unique and not available in other tools:

  • SVG Masks (shapes, icons, etc) - Place any pattern or image into an SVG file. 
  • Text Masks - Place any pattern or image into your text. (and you can still edit it)
  • Advanced Resize Options (Orientation, Unitype, etc)
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Dropbox and Google Drive Integration
  • QR Code Creator
  • 50,000+ Cutout Stock Images
  • 1,000+ Overlays
  • Layers Manager
  • Drawing Tools
  • Blob Creator
  • Gradient text, SVG, & backgrounds. 
  • Direct SVG Code support
  • Rulers, Gridview, Bleedlines
  • Advanced Download Options
  • 80+ Shortcuts
  • Mobile Compatible (beta)