Jasper Cyan, the visionary founder of Plasfy, is thrilled to unveil an impactful collaboration with StackCommerce, a leading product discovery platform known for connecting users with their favorite products and brands. This strategic partnership is set to redefine how users engage with innovative solutions, providing an enriched product discovery experience.

About StackCommerce:

StackCommerce is not just a product discovery platform; it's a dynamic hub that combines determination with heart to curate outstanding products and tell compelling stories. With a network encompassing over 1,000 publishers and 5,000+ brands, StackCommerce has become the preferred destination for real people seeking products they love. The platform boasts a track record of $150M+ paid to partners, 5M+ products discovered, and a dedicated team of 75+ members driving success.

The Significance of this Partnership:

The collaboration between Plasfy and StackCommerce unites a cutting-edge design software with a leading product discovery platform, promising a powerful synergy that will redefine how users discover and engage with innovative products. Aligning with StackCommerce's mission to provide unmatched exposure to brands, Plasfy's commitment to delivering top-notch design solutions creates a perfect union.

Jasper Cyan, Founder of Plasfy, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "This collaboration is a pivotal moment for Plasfy. Partnering with StackCommerce not only expands our reach but also creates fresh opportunities for users to discover the true value of our design software in an innovative manner."

About Plasfy:

Founded in 2022, Plasfy is an online graphic design platform that allows anyone to create amazing designs. Led by CEO & Founder Jasper Cyan, our platform has experienced exponential growth since opening to the public post-beta. With a global, distributed design and development team, Plasfy stands as an innovative platform at the cutting edge of the graphics creator market.

"We built Plasfy because no other graphics creator did what we needed. Everything was slow, missing features, too expensive, or had bad support. Plasfy eliminates all these issues, and as we continue to grow, we are adding more and more user-driven features to our platform and a range of exciting extension applications," explained Jasper Cyan.

Whether you want to build simple designs for your social media or a full set of branding graphics, Plasfy is the go-to solution. Plasfy doesn't force you to work within limits; instead, it removes the limits and lets you focus on being creative.

About StackCommerce:

StackCommerce is the leading product discovery platform that collaborates with over 1,000 publishers and 5,000+ brands to connect real people with products they love. With a focus on delivering unparalleled exposure and monetization opportunities, StackCommerce has become a trusted name in the industry.

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