Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your most common questions!

Apart from all of the basics that you are most likely familiar with from other tools, Plasfy has a lot of amazing features that are unique and not available in other tools:

  • SVG Masks (shapes, icons, etc) - Place any pattern or image into an SVG file. 
  • Text Masks - Place any pattern or image into your text. (and you can still edit it)
  • Advanced Resize Options (Orientation, Unitype, etc)
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Dropbox and Google Drive Integration
  • QR Code Creator
  • 50,000+ Cutout Stock Images
  • 1,000+ Overlays
  • Layers Manager
  • Drawing Tools
  • Blob Creator
  • Gradient text, SVG, & backgrounds. 
  • Direct SVG Code support
  • Rulers, Gridview, Bleedlines
  • Advanced Download Options
  • 80+ Shortcuts
  • Mobile Compatible (beta)

Yes of course! You can visit our roadmap here and our changelog here

Please note that not all updates and improvements are added to our changelog, we are improving Plasfy every day with minor updates and improvements.

Yes. You will get access to all future software updates and features that we release in the future, and also all clipart updates.

You are only allowed to create graphics for the adult industry if they do not contain any nudity.

Yes. You can export your designs via File > Export design which will export a project file that other users can then import into their own account. 

You are allowed to then sell this as template on sites such as CreativeMarket or share it for free.

You can also share a direct URL for users to edit your design via the share button. 

We also have a private beta marketplace contributor program where you can submit your designs to earn money. You can contact us to learn more.

No. We are firmly against in-app-purchases, credits or any restrictions similar to these. When you purchase Plasfy you will not have any limitations.

The maximum number of pages per design is 999.
If your project requires a substantial amount of pages, our suggestion would be to split it into multiple projects, with a maximum of 50 pages per project; to ensure your editor's performance is satisfactory.

The maximum pixel dimension is 8,000 x 8,000 pixels. In the download options panel, you can change the export size to 5x, which would allow up to 40,000 pixels.

Alternatively, you can download your project as an SVG vector file which would allow you to scale the image to any size without losing quality.

Yes. All icons and photos are sourced from sources that allow you to use them inside your commercial natured projects. Please visit our licenses page to learn more.

Yes! You can use any language inside the Plasfy editor.

Please note that not all fonts will support your language type.

You can check through Google Fonts which fonts will work:

(if the font is not supported a notice will come up inside the editor with instructions to change the font)

At the current moment we do not have a direct (one click) sharing integration with major social media platforms. Instead simply download your design and navigate to your preferred social media platform of choice and upload the file.

This is temporary and we have already made good progress on a social media scheduling tool that you will be provided with once it’s ready for the public.

Please vote for this feature on our roadmap if you are interested!

Yes. Plasfy has an advanced SVG editor functionality which allows you to change the color of each layer inside the SVG.

Not yet! Our collaboration tools are nearly finished and will be released as soon as it’s ready.

Please vote for this feature on our roadmap if you are interested!

Yes! We're including commercial and resell rights to all the designs you create. Sell them for profit or use it in unlimited client projects and keep 100% of the profits!

Yes - You can easily upload all your own images, logos and icons and add them to your designs! (PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG supported)

Any future updates will be included for free, for all customers at no additional charge!

Plasfy is hosted on the cloud. This works on all platforms and there's nothing to download or install ever. Whether you are on the web, or a mobile device, Plasfy allows you to create converting ads on all devices without any hassles.

No, not at all. Even a 6-year-old can operate Plasfy. It is that easy. Just select a template, customise in a few clicks and share it anywhere!

No, as of now, Plasfy requires an Internet connection in order to work. (auto-save, save, download, etc.) Once your design is downloaded it can be opened without an active internet-connection.

Yes, unless it has any stock elements or templates in it. (only original creations can be trademarked)

At the moment you cannot export files as PowerPoint PPT files, but you can export your projects as PDF then convert them into PPT using a free online converter.

Our designers are creating new templates each week. At the moment we are prioritizing features first instead of templates but you will still get regular template updates.

RTL (Right to left) text and font is supported inside Plasfy. Please make sure that the font you are using will also support RTL text.

At the current time Plasfy does not have an API or web-hook. We may consider adding this in the future if the demand is there.

Yes! You can share your login details with your V.A or a team member since your account can be accessed from up to five different devices at once.

Jasrari, the main company behind Plasfy, is headquartered in Australia. Our team is global with designers and developers across a variety of different countries.

We can't guarantee Plasfy will work with your specific graphic design tablet.

Please check by creating your free account and see if the editor will load and work correctly before upgrading to a paid plan.

Our drawing tools are pressure sensitive.

For the best experience we recommend that you use a computer and mouse.

Yes. All of your image uploads are encrypted and secure to ensure only you can access them.


No. You can make unlimited designs.

Please visit our Refund Policy to learn about our money-back guarantee. 

We accept PayPal or Credit Card through Stripe when you purchase a Plasfy Premium Plan.

PayPal payments are securely handled on PayPal’s site.

All credit card transactions are handled by Stripe.

Plasfy uses industry-standard SSL certificates and is hosted behind the secure Cloudflare infrastructure. All passwords and sensitive information are encrypted using these secure certificates and encryption.

No. You can test our Plasfy for 100% free without any payment or entering your payment information.

Why not try it out now?

A lifetime free plan would not be sustainable for maintaining the Plasfy app and website. This is why you only have limited access for a specific duration and will need to upgrade if you want to continue using the editor.

We are constantly releasing new platform updates and improvements every week. A significant amount of our updates, including clipart additions, will not be included in our changelog as they are minor updates. We will only release new features after prolonged testing to ensure they are fully functional and ready for public usage.


However, for the best performance and experience, we recommend using a computer or laptop. 

You can access the Plasfy app via on your mobile device and install a progressive web app (similar to a shortcut) to use Plasfy as an app. Learn more about how to do this here

The editor will not work on iPad or tablets, except for iPad Pro and similar screen sizes. 

Before proceeding with your purchase, please check Plasfy via your mobile device or tablet with your free-trial account to ensure usability on your device. 

We are planning to release official apps (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) in the future.