Do you support color RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex etc?


Do you support graphic design tablets?

We can't guarantee Plasfy will work with your specific graphic design tablet. Please check by creating your free account and see if the editor will load and work correctly before upgrading to a paid plan. Our drawing tools are pressure sensitive. For the best experience we recommend that you use a computer and mouse.

Where are you located?

Jasrari, the main company behind Plasfy, is headquartered in Australia. Our team is global with designers and developers across a variety of different countries.

Can my virtual assistant access my Plasfy account?

Yes! You can share your login details with your V.A or a team member since your account can be accessed from up to five different devices at once.

Does Plasfy have an API or web-hook?

At the current time Plasfy does not have an API or web-hook. We may consider adding this in the future if the demand is there.

Does Plasfy support RTL text?

RTL (Right to left) text and font is supported inside Plasfy. Please make sure that the font you are using will also support RTL text.

How frequently do you add new templates?

Our designers are creating new templates each week. At the moment we are prioritizing features first instead of templates but you will still get regular template updates.

Can I export files as a PowerPoint PPT?

At the moment you cannot export files as PowerPoint PPT files, but you can export your projects as PDF then convert them into PPT using a free online converter.

Can I trademark a logo created in Plasfy?

Yes, unless it has any stock elements or templates in it. (only original creations can be trademarked)

Does Plasfy work offline?

No, as of now, Plasfy requires an Internet connection in order to work. (auto-save, save, download, etc.) Once your design is downloaded it can be opened without an active internet-connection.